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Ballad songs and improvisatory instrumental pieces, like the fantasia, toccata or prelude are examples of additive compositions.

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The sonata form emerges from an expanded rounded binary form in the Classical period. concerto-sonata form: derived from sonata form, but with two expositions (1. orchestra and soloist) and a solo cadenza between the recapitulation and the coda.

through-composed: continuous contrasting sections are composed together without repetitions of previous material.

round: an exact canon, ending at different times, as in ? imitation: two or more parts that have the same or similar phrase beginning and with delays between entrances (as in a round or canon), but after the beginning of the phrase, the parts diverge into separate melodies diatonic: a seven-note scale with a regular pattern of 5 whole and 2 half steps.

Diatonic intervals are found within this type of scale.chromatic: using pitches outside of a particular diatonic scale, or using a succession of half steps.major tonality: pitches are related to a central pitch called the tonic.

modified strophic: simply means that the repetitions of the sections are varied slightly, but not so much that they are a significant variation or the form: two sections of music, with only the first section A repeated.

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