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Tough as he is, Marlowe always gets the shakes when these babes start pawing him. THE DARN THING started out like a house afire and ended like a prairie fire.

Besides murder, Marlowe encountered a scrambled divorce case, blackmail, double-crossing, misunderstanding and love (or LUV as it's probably spelled by Lever Brothers, the soap company which sponsors it). Raymond Chandler, who writes the Marlowe stories, believes in giving the customers a lot of mayhem for their money, possibly a little too much of it.

He was both worldly wise and cynical to be sure, but he was also relentlessly optimisitic. But even in Film, Marlowe was the kind of shamus that would never let his clients--nor his environs--ever truly defeat him.

Philip Marlowe was no stranger to Radio, having been portrayed in several Radio adaptations of the three successful Philip Marlowe films of the era, .

He's been portrayed by almost every one except Greer Garson.

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