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After World War II and its subsequent occupation by the victorious countries, the city was divided; East Berlin was declared capital of East Germany, while West Berlin became a de facto West German exclave, surrounded by the Berlin Wall (1961–1989) and East German territory.Significant industries also include IT, pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, clean tech, biotechnology, construction and electronics.

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Starting in early 1943, many were shipped to death camps, such as Auschwitz.

After the end of the war in Europe in May 1945, Berlin received large numbers of refugees from the Eastern provinces.

In 1443 Frederick II Irontooth started the construction of a new royal palace in the twin city Berlin-Cölln.

The protests of the town citizens against the building culminated in 1448, in the "Berlin Indignation" ("Berliner Unwille").

The Industrial Revolution transformed Berlin during the 19th century; the city's economy and population expanded dramatically, and it became the main railway hub and economic centre of Germany.

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