Dating 50 plus Randers

While a decline in oil supply will take place, it will not occur until 2025.

When it does happen, it will occur sufficiently slowly and incrementally that other fuels can replace its loss, apparently without disruption.

In comparison, current indications look much better.

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Sailing with the 'Little Bear' or visiting Elvis' home And there is a lot to look at for those who may want to take a break from the beach handball matches once in a while.

"As a special event for the championship, we a have boat, named the 'Little Bear' which takes people for a sailing sightseeing tour on Randers Fjord, and if you cross the bridge from the playing area, you will be in the historic centre of the city.

"There you can follow a route, where stars in the asphalt show the way to the sights of the city centre – small stars show the way, and big stars tell the story of the sight.

Among those is Randers Regnskov, an indoor tropical forest featuring plants and animals from rain forests in South America, Africa and Asia.

An example might be oil depletion in Egypt, Syria, and Yemen.

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