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It would have been nice with something more like BIG's Kimball Art Center, although that would probably be asking for little bit too much with a budget of DKK 12 mio.

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The following areas below, will be the largest hubs of developing, but many smaller projects will come, and enlarge and condence the city. Another smart move is the legislation for cars, saying all new building has to be constructed with underground parking basements.

Cubo Day care Marthagrden Peter Bangsvej designed by Dorte Mandrup ZOO The arctic Ring The ring will be completed fall this year.

Statuen er udfrt af billedhuggeren Christian Pauli Max Andersen Vandkunsten and Cubo are joint winners in the competition for Diakonissestiftelsen's 2020 Plan.

The jury report with the four proposals can be found here:

In spite the lack of space there're increasing numbers of inhabitants, which again put a lot of pressure on the municipality. Hope you think it's all right to seperate Frederiksberg from the Copenhagener P/C thread.

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